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Contacts from the Berlin benchmark trip January 2019

Analyze and Realize (a&r)

Analyze & Realize GmbH offers consulting and contract research organization services to the food and healthcare sectors. Their services are closely aligned with the current market situation for the respective products, the company use scientific methods to substantiate efficacy of natural health products. The European Food Safety Authoritiy (EFSA) invited analyze & realize to contribute to the systematic evaluation of food ingredients.

As a one-stop shop, (a&r) offers a tailor-made all-inclusive solutions to clients, from concept to point of sale. They perform clinical trials, that recognized the demand for special study populations and are establishing additional recruiting opportunities for babies, e.g. for testing baby food, but also for the elderly, especially for the analysis of aspects of physical and mental performance.

The company has a platform to accelerate local and global transactions for in/out-licensing or sale of natural health products. The platforms focus on the area of natural health products.

Berlin Partner for Business and Technology

As a hub for Germany with international appeal and reach, in which German and international business startups, scientists, investors and established companies mutually support and strengthen each other. The partner coordinates the German digital hub initiative.

The Business Location Center provides further information about doing business in Berlin and advises companies that want to establish a location in the city. 

Berlin Center for Digital Transformation

Fraunhofer EMFT developed a package foil where the colour of the package indicates the actual freshness of the packaged food especially useful for meat and fish products.

Intelligent food package that monitors in real-time the microbiological status of packaged food. The package delivers information on whether the food can still be consumed after the expiration date has elapsed.